About Katie
My business partner, Diana Mariani, and I have been friends for over 30 years. Over the years, we often talked of opening a business together. When a friend called and told us about her experience at a painting studio in Texas, we knew this was the business for us! We opened Merlot and a Masterpiece in June 2010 and we have had so much fun meeting new people and introducing many of them to the world of painting. It has also been a great experience being involved in the downtown community. I hope you will come join us soon for a fun and creative experience at our studio.

About Rick and Diana Mariani
We have been a part of the Bloomington Normal community most of our lives. We are both Bloomington High School graduates, and avid art enthusiasts. Rick has his own art studio at home where he enjoys letting loose and creating. Merlot and a Masterpiece is an enjoyable outlet from our busy day jobs, where Rick is a self-employed carpenter and Diana a mental health provider. Being a part of and providing input into their community is a value of importance and we look forward to many years of continued Christian sharing.